Real estate investment and management in prime locations. Taitan Capital

Offering values that large
corporations cannot Executing projects that no one else can handle
Managing assets of our valued investors around the world


Offering services that maximize
the value of real estate investment
while eliminating all risks

With our expertise in real estate development and management, we have been successful in the revitalization of a wide range of real estate.
We offer a wide range of services from “fund constitution”, “sales and purchases/brokerage”, “consulting” and “sales and purchases of bonds”.

We make the most of our trusted relationship gained through our abundant partnership/network, to accurately match the real estate information with the needs of our investors. This enables us to offer the only best value to our investors.


Propose the best real estate investment to our valued investors,
based on real time information.

Even now when society is drastically changing, our abundant network and rich knowhow in the field of investment and development, enable us to select properties that will have stable growth, and offer flexible investment and management opportunities.


About Us

With our first class project team
We do our business best
To achieve outstanding results

In this ever changing society, Taitan Capital continues to face advanced and diverse challenges for the company’s continuous growth.


  • 2023.12.11 Notice

    Closing of office during the New Year holidays

    Our office will be closed during the following period for the New Year holidays. Our office will be closed from December 29th, 2023 (Fri.) to January 4th, 2024 (Thu.) We will be back in business on January 5th, 2024.
  • 2022.4.4 Notice

    Appointment of new representative director

    We are celebrating 10 years since our establishment, and we are pleased to announce that Keishiro Niwa has been appointed as a new representative director in order to further improvel our corporate value toward the next 20th anniversary.
  • 2021.12.17 Notice

    Renewal of our website

    2022 will mark the 10th anniversary of the establishment of our company. On this occasion, we have renewed our website so that website visitors can have a deeper understanding of our company.