Our Business|Real estate investment and management in prime locations. Taitan Capital

Our Business

01Real Estate Revitalization

We maximize the value of the real estate.

【Our Strengths】

  • We handle real estate that are under utilized, or have low utilization, or real estate that have a mortgage or complex property rights issues.
  • Valuable knowhow on how to value up real estate gained through the development and management of real estate.

02Real Estate Funds

Through the organization of real estate private funds, we maximize the return on investment of our investors.

【Our Strengths】

  • Careful selection of eligible real estate to meet the needs unique to real estate funds.
  • Apply our original value up scheme applied to both the hardware and software of real estate under fund management.
  • Precise reporting of operations and ideal cash management.

03Real Estate Sales, Purchases and Brokerage

We maximize the profits of our real estate owners through sales, purchases and brokerage.

【Our Strengths】

  • Adjust complex property rights issues.
  • Abundant real estate network.

04Real Estate Consultation

We plan, coordinate, and make proposals so that our clients make the best decisions in real estate transactions.

【Our Strengths】

  • Research and documentation based on the individual characteristics of the real estate.

05Business Management Consultation

We propose the best solutions for business issues such as financing and revitalization. Our total financial planning includes consultation on financing, banking and real estate.

【Our Strengths】

  • Highly experienced professionals in banking, legal affairs and tax affairs.

06Sales and Purchases of Bonds

We support the financing and funding of our clients through the sales and purchases of accounts receivables of various bonds.

【Our Strengths】

  • Close relationship with various investors.
  • Abundant information and network.

Business Chart

Through the revitalization of real estate, we offer services in the field of “fund constitution”,
“sales and purchases/brokerage”, “consulting” and “sales and purchases of bonds”.